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At Metro Roofing & Remodeling, we work hard to meet our customers’ needs and we know your home is more than an investment. We believe your home is a safe place, a warm and cozy escape in the winter, a cool respite in the summer, the place where memories are made, and so much more. Your replacement windows play an important part! You can look at home window replacement in many ways. There are a zillion different windows out there – and how do you know what window is best for you. Luckily for you, keeping things simple is what we do. We will show you different samples and explain the differences between the different types. There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution for homes in Minnesota.

In-House Project Management

We know that making the decision to buy new, or replacement, windows isn’t always easy.  Maybe one of your windows has broken and you’re looking for a replacement that will match the other windows in your home as best as possible – despite the fact that they may be older windows.  Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to replace all the windows in your home with new, more energy efficient, easier to clean and more aesthetically appealing windows to give your home a beautiful new look while reducing your energy bill.

Customized Product Design

Whatever your situation, there are hundreds of choices – from types of windows, energy efficiency features, security features of glass and latches, designs with grilles, glass types – and that’s before getting into the colors and sizes!  But have no fear and don’t spend a lot of time researching – we’ll do that for you!  We’re window experts and we eat, sleep and breathe windows, their features, the many options available and the benefits of each one.

Quality & Affordability

Free Window Estimate

When you request a free estimate we’ll introduce you to the many window manufacturers we sell and install windows for and find out more about your objectives.  We’ll likely even walk you through a few decisions you hadn’t yet considered.  Once you have your free estimate, at least you’ll have the options, features and pricing questions answered and you can compare that to other Metro area window companies because we’re confident that we have the level of quality you want at the price you can afford and we look forward to working with you for all your new and replacement window needs.

Benefit from new windows

Do your windows need to be replaced?

Would you like to know what new windows can do for your home? If you haven’t updated your windows in the past 10 years, there have been some significant upgrades that you could benefit from. New windows can help keep out sound and keep in your heat. Get a FREE Quote today.

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