Spring Storm Preparation for Your Roof

Springtime is beautiful, and everyone is always ready for those warmer days to come after the long winter. However, most people are never prepared for spring’s unpredictable weather conditions, especially in states like Minnesota.

Spring Storm Preparation for Your Roof

Springs in Minnesota can still be cold, rainy, and snowy, even going into June. Ask roofing contractors in Minnesota, and they’ll tell you that you never know if there’s going to be last-minute sleet in May. So you’ll need to prepare for potential spring storm roof damage early with the help of a Minnesota roofing company if you want to avoid any repairs throughout the year due to harsh weather.

See our guide below to know how to prepare your home for bad weather and protect your roof before severe weather comes. 

What Can You Do to Prepare Your Home?

It is possible to prepare your roof for bad weather conditions — it’s just a matter of knowing how. So let’s discuss what actions you can take to protect your home and your family when spring storms roll in.

Get Your Roof Inspected

The first step is to be aware of any existing problems your roof has. If you’re not sure if your roof has damage, get it inspected. 

The best roofing companies in Minnesota can identify the issues and provide insight on whether you need repairs. This way, you lessen the risk of leaks, foundation issues, or intense damage that spring storms bring.

Replace Shingles and Repair Leaks 

According to MN roofing contractors, one of the common problems that homeowners face is a leaky roof. If there has been damage to your roof or is getting old, you will likely experience leaks this spring. We recommend replacing missing or damaged shingles early to avoid putting buckets out this year.

Minnesota receives about 32 inches of rain a year, and much of this precipitation happens during the spring. Storms can cause shingles to loosen, leaving you with a mess to deal with and no other choice but to call roofing companies in MN for help. You’ll want to get your shingles replaced and prevent leaks before they begin, not after you have a problem.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned 

The condition of your gutters has a lot to do with the lifespan of your roof. Why is this? Gutters get clogged after heavy winds and rain. This causes your outside drainage system to fail because the water has nowhere to go. Then, after a few seasonal changes, there’s bound to be debris built up, causing water to overflow and eventually leaking inside and outside the house.  

To help prolong the life of your roof, keep your gutters cleaned out as much as possible, especially after a big storm. Reliable roofing companies in Minnesota will make sure that not only your roof is in good condition but also that your gutters are cleaned and prepared for the spring rain. 


While you might think that your roof is in prime condition, there are usually hidden warning signs that you can’t see. The best roofing contractors in MN can inspect your property and check for damage. However, they will also provide you with personalized advice on how you can prepare your home for spring storms.

Otherwise, you can prepare for spring storms simply by clearing out your gutters and replacing shingles as early as possible.