Skylight Replacement Guide: What You Need to Know as a Minnesota Homeowner

If you have a skylight in your own home, you probably enjoy the natural light and praise it gets from guests, but just like regular windows, this part of the roof might need a replacement after several years.

Here, we discuss what you need to know about skylight replacements so that you’ll be ready for your Minnesota roofing company to install a new one. 

What Are the Signs That You Need a New Skylight?

Both visible and invisible signs indicate you need a skylight replacement:

1. Brown Streaks on the Glass

If you see brown or orange streaks on the glass, the metal around your skylight might be deteriorating. Metal corrodes over time, causing the entire structure to become unstable. Once corrosion sets in, your home might become exposed to the elements, meaning you and your family might be in for some very cold Minnesota winters. 

Roofing companies in Minnesota can remedy this problem. Metal corrosion is common, so contact MN roofing contractors to take care of this issue if you notice this happening. 

2. Cracked Glass 

Cracked glass can cause leaks and other possible element exposure. You might encounter cracked glass due to falling debris, the structure’s age, or extreme temperature changes. 

If your skylight has cracked, you’ll need to replace it as soon as possible. Roofing contractors in MN can inspect the glass and offer repair and replacement options. 

3. Blocked Weep Holes 

Skylights have weep holes designed to prevent condensation from getting into your home. When these holes become blocked, this condensation will leak into your home instead. 

The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to have roofing contractors in Minnesota perform routine check-ups. If your skylight has blocked weep holes, your Minnesota roofing company will recognize this and clear them out before the problem persists. 

4. Old or Damaged Roof 

If your roof is old or damaged, you’ll need a replacement, which might also be a good time to replace your skylight. Your entire roof structure needs to be stable, and by replacing the skylight, you can better equip your home for harsh weather.

Roofing companies in MN can tackle replacing your skylight along with your roof to stabilize the overall structure of your home. 

Choosing Your Skylight 

The most popular types of skylights include:

  • Fixed — does not open for ventilation
  • Ventilated — can open for ventilation
  • Pyramid — for flat roofs
  • Barrel Vault — sloping design; popular for hallways, atriums, or lobbies
  • Custom — unique design best utilized for homes not designed for skylights

You’ll want to choose your skylight based on the structure of your home and the style that appeals to you. 

Bottom Line  

Replacing your skylight is an important part of keeping your home safe. If it has become damaged, showing signs of age, or your roof needs replacing, these are all good indicators to contact roofing companies in Minnesota for repairs or replacements. 

Roofing contractors in MN can also perform routine maintenance and inspections. They will help keep you updated and knowledgeable about the condition of your skylight and your roof so that your home stays protected.  

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