Ice Dam Prevention Guide — What You Need to Know

Minnesota winters bring a whole host of weather complications that can have adverse effects on your roof. MN roofing contractors find themselves incredibly busy during this time of year because of the increased risk of roof damage following persistent cold weather conditions.

One of the significant consequences of this season’s extreme weather is ice dams. The buildup of ice along the sides of your roof may look festive and wintery, but roofing companies in Minnesota would advise you to have them removed as soon as possible, as they can cause significant damage to your home.

Here, we look at the risks ice dams present to your home and how you can remove and prevent them. Remember, if your home is experiencing problems with winter storms, your local Minnesota roofing company is only a phone call away.

Ice Dam Prevention Guide — What You Need to Know

What Is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams are groupings of thick, solid ice that collect along the edge of your home’s roof and usually spread out over the gutters and siding. They form when heat from the home’s interior escapes during the winter and comes into contact with the cold environment outside on the roof.

Roofing contractors in Minnesota have the privilege of working in the state that has two of the coldest cities in the United States: International Falls and Duluth. 

Luckily for Minnesotans, MN roofing contractors are no strangers to dealing with ice dam removal and mitigation. It’s in your best interest to call them and not ignore this issue until it’s too late.

What Dangers Do Ice Dams Present?

When ice dams form along the edge of the roof, they prevent any built-up rain or snow from draining off the side of the house. When this moisture instead sits on the roof for weeks or months on end, it makes it very easy for mold and mildew to grow there. 

These formations also can cause damage to your gutters and shingles, leading to water leaking into your home. Roofing companies in MN take this and other cold-weather phenomena very seriously, as these issues can cause billions of dollars in property damage.

How Do I Remove Ice Dams and Prevent Any Damage?

Ice dams are largely unavoidable in the winter months, but some actions can keep the damage to a minimum. Firstly, make sure the areas on the edge of your roof where dams are likely to form have proper ventilation. Prevention is the best solution. 

Second, make sure you call your local roofing contractors in MN as soon as you notice an issue. They can come and remove the frozen build-up for you right away.


Ice dams collecting on the edge of your roof pose a significant risk for water damage, structural instability, and excessive mold and mildew growth. You should remove them as quickly as possible. Luckily, your local Minnesota roofing company is always available to help. Contact us for more information about ice dam removal.

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