Guide to Replacing Your Shingle Roof in Minnesota

Replacing your roof can be a stressful task when you don’t know where to start. Shingles are a popular roofing option frequently repaired and replaced by reputable roofing companies in Minnesota. This guide will help you figure out what to consider before scheduling your shingle roof replacement. 

Guide to Replacing Your Shingle Roof in Minnesota

1. Shingle Lifespan

Typical shingles on average last for about 20-25 years with routine maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, architectural shingles have a lifespan ranging from 30-50 years because of their enhanced durability. These shingles may be more costly up-front, but they will need far fewer repairs with the proper maintenance. 

With the inclement winters in Minnesota, you should consider opting for architectural shingles that can withstand harsher weather. Your MN roofing contractors can help you decide which shingle type is best suited for your home. Wear and tear and the type of shingles on your roof will determine how long your roof will last.

Don’t forget how important routine maintenance is to keep your roof in shape. 

2. Selecting a Brand 

Your roofing company will offer you the top-of-the-line brands their supplier has to offer. They will help you select a material that delivers on quality and enhances the appearance of your home. The brands available to you will also be contingent on cost and what is most popular for the homes in your area. 

You want to take into consideration the color scheme of your home’s exterior and what is the most durable for your budget. If you plan on selling your home or installing a roof that will last, have your roofing contractor recommend shingles that will boost your home’s appeal. 

Your roof is one of your home’s most important investments. You want to think carefully about the options presented to you because it will be a long-term commitment. 

3. The Underlayment

The underlayment of your shingles is the necessary moisture-resistant layer of the roof system’s foundation. This cover keeps your home properly insulated. The two most popular options MN roofing contractors will offer you are felt or synthetic underlayment. Both have their strengths, but synthetic is becoming a more modern choice.

Felt underlayment is the cheaper, traditional option, but it easily tears when confronted with heavy winds. The synthetic is lighter and waterproof, offering more protection against heavy moisture-producing weather. The sustainability of your roof during the winter months will depend on how durable the foundation is. 

Your chosen roofing contractors in Minnesota can help you decide which underlayment is best for your home. 

4. Ventilation

There are four major types of roof vents that will keep your attic space ventilated in the hot summers and freezing winters. Having a properly ventilated roof is essential to prevent premature deterioration of your newly installed shingles. Your new roof installation depends on the set-up of your ventilation system. 

Your new roof should provide adequate airflow between the layers of your home while keeping it properly insulated. You want to prevent a build-up of excess heat and moisture in your attic. Your Minnesota roofing company will guarantee your roof has proper ventilation to keep you safe. 

Choose the Best Contractor

Choosing the best roofing contractors in MN may seem tricky, but you want to pick someone who is licensed, insured, and has a portfolio of other shingle replacement projects. After finishing this guide, you should be more comfortable with what you are looking for in the process and can communicate your needs to a contractor. 

Do not hesitate to get your shingles replaced and contact reputable roofing companies in MN for further guidance.